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simon african grey

Congratulations to Diamond who has been adopted! This little sweetie has gone to her forever home.

moluccan cockatoo

This is beyond the hardest day we have ever had at the rescue. Today, Rich and I had to say goodbye to Sigh. All the volunteers had just left and José saw that Sigh was laying on the bottom of his cage. He had just eaten a walnut, which we all know how much he loved, but was motionless at the bottom. I am forever grateful that his dad (Rich) was home and not working. We both were able to say our goodbyes, how much he was loved and tell him how much he will be greatly missed by everyone. He was The Rescue!!

We brought him to PJ and Rosie to see him and give him one last preen to his head feathers. You could tell in their eyes they knew he was gone. Truly heartbreaking!! As I write this we are just leaving the clinic where a necropsy was performed by Dr. Sakas. Sigh had died from an aneurysm; he felt no pain. The little old man who was on so many meds for his heart, had a healthy beautiful heart; probably because of all the girls he loved and was loved by. We know he will be forever remember by everyone he snapped at, screamed at and those people who were lucky enough to get the kisses from him. He loved his dad so much and the feeling was mutual. That bond will never be broken. So in closing, I want to say thank you to Sigh, from all of us, for lettting us be a part of his life and now he will be a part of our memories forever. Fly baby boy. You have feathers now!!

A good article on PBFD. Please read and keep this in mind. This is one of the reasons that Rich & Karen are so strict on making sure all boarders and turned-in parrots are current on disease testing.

This is also why you should not take your bird around other birds who haven't been tested and why you should ask about disease testing before boarding your birds or having someone with birds of their own pet-sit for you.

The lives our our feathered friends are precious... don't take the risk!

Read here!

simon african grey

Meet Simon - new to the Refuge. We are still learning about this Congo African Grey, so it will be awhile before he (we presume - might be a she) is available for adoption. But so far, Simon is adjusting well to his new environment.

screech owl

Please join us in welcoming our two newest members; Kaiya, a Grey Phase Screech Owl with a broken (and healed) wing and leg who is unreleaseable; and Peaches, an M2 who was returned to the Refuge after ten years in a loving home due to extreme allergies to her dust.