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Glencoe Golf Club

Join us for our first annual BioBlitz! The golf course will be open to observers from 4:30pm until dusk. Check-in the golf shop to receive an observer guide checklist or inquire about the inaturalist app.

Parrots' Well-Being

At a Refuge for Saving a Wildlife, our number one priority is the birds we are charged with caring for and their well-being. After transferring a parrot into your care we hope that you have the same standards of care as we do.

Feel the Burn for the Birds

Feel the Burn for the Birds!

Join us on October 7th with Orangetheory Fitness! Orangetheory Fitness is donating their studio, trainer, and heartrate monitors for the day, and all proceeds are going to the Refuge. We just need the people!

Cage and Accessories


A parrot’s cage is it’s “home” and should be as comfortable as possible for the parrot. The cage is where owners place a bird when they are away to keep it from harm. The bird should spend large amounts of supervised time outside of its cage, so the cage needs to be of comfortable size when the bird is in it. Make sure your parrot has a cage that is adequately sized for them. A cage cannot be too large, it can only be too small. Parrots need to have plenty of room to move around. The cage should be big enough to accommodate perches, bird toys and several food dishes; as well as allowing for exercise.

July Schedule

Parrots in Chicago & Northbrook

Stephen Pruett-Jones presents the fascinating story of how monk parakeets arrived and settled in Chicago. Stephen is a faculty member at the University of Chicago and studies the biology and behavior of birds. He has studied the parakeets in Chicago since 1988.

Following the lecture, we will meet rescued parrots now living at a Northbrook parrot sanctuary. Rich and Karen Weiner, founders of Rescue the Birds, will discuss the perils and pleasures of keeping exotic birds as pets.