Parrots' Well-Being

At a Refuge for Saving a Wildlife, our number one priority is the birds we are charged with caring for and their well-being. After transferring a parrot into your care we hope that you have the same standards of care as we do.

Every parrot at the Refuge has had the following veterinary work: Psittacosis, Polyoma testing (not the vaccination), Psittacine Beak and Feather, Complete Blood Count (CBC), Avian Chemistry Panel (including bile acids), Avian Borna Virus, and Fecal - Float. Not only was this veterinary work done to examine the health of each parrot, but to also keep the rest of our flock healthy and virus-free.

Some bird viruses are highly contagious and can be spread through the air. With this in mind we recommend the following to keep your parrot out of harm’s way:

  • Not exposing your parrot to a pet store. This means not buying toys/perches/ropes in a pet store where there are potentially sick birds that have not been tested to our standards.
  • Not taking your parrot to be groomed at a pet store where it can be exposed to other parrots.
  • Not boarding your parrot at someone’s house whose parrots have not had the same veterinary work done.

Poor care can lead to a parrot’s sickness and/or death. Consideration needs to be given to a bird’s health, it’s surroundings, and to all activities in that area in order to keep your parrot happy and healthy.