Animal Safety Month

October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month. We believe parrots are part of the family. Protecting the safety of your parrot is a pet parent’s main responsibility. National Animal Safety and Prevention Month is a wonderful opportunity to remind people of the importance of animals in our everyday lives and to make sure that they are treated kindly with the respect and care they deserve.

National Animal Safety and Protection month was created by the PALS Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping animals and people coexist.

There are several ways you can participate in National Animal Safety and Protection month:

  1. Parrot-proof your home
    In the wild, parrots breathe fresh air and are not exposed to the daily toxins present inside of our homes. Sometimes this indoor air pollution can be a major concern for a parrot. It is important to keep your parrot away from hazards such as: non-stick cookware or other appliances that utilize teflon, tobacco products, aerosols, scented candles, air fresheners, and cleaning fluids.

  2. Microchip your parrot
    If your parrot gets lost and is taken to a vet clinic or animal shelter, your parrot will be scanned for a microchip to reveal his or her unique ID number. That number will be called into the pet recovery service, and you will be contacted using the contact information on file with your parrot's microchip.

  3. Put together an emergency plan
    Make sure your pets are protected when disaster strikes. Planning ahead is the key to keeping yourself and your pets safe. Different disasters require different responses – have a plan ready for each one. Educate your family members about what to do and who is responsible for what.

If you don’t have pets of your own you can still participate in National Animal Safety and Protection month by volunteering at your local shelter. There are plenty of animals waiting to find their forever homes that would appreciate your time and care.

Although National Animal Safety and Protection month is only one month out of the year, these safety measures should be practiced year round.