With the holidays approaching, let your parrot join in the holiday fun! Just be sure to keep these tips in mind to keep your parrot safe this season:

  1. Christmas Trees
    Many live trees have been sprayed with chemicals. It is important to keep your parrot away from live trees so they don't ingest any of the pine needles.

  2. Holiday Plants
    Many holiday plants included Chrysanthemum, English Ivy, Holly, Mistletoe, Poinsettia, and yew are potentially toxic to parrots. Obviously you do not want your parrot to eat these plants, so keep them out of reach at all times.

  3. Holiday Decorations
    Ornaments may be made from cheap materials containing heavy metals. Curious beaks may chew on ribbons or tinsel, which can cause intestinal blockages. Parrots may chew on Christmas tree light sets used to decorate trees or windows, risking serious injury or death. Electrical cords are a year-round hazard for parrots who are not properly supervised in the home and allowed to wander about freely on their own.

  4. Holiday Food
    Don't forget to let your bird indulge in special holiday food this season, but make sure it is well within their diet and not toxic food such as chocolate.

  5. Strangers
    Pet parrots like routine – more things happening and strange people dropping in can upset them. Look for feather plucking or screaming when none were present before. Make sure you give your parrot extra attention; there’s a good chance he is stressed when guests come calling ensure that they know to keep doors, windows and other areas of escape firmly closed.