For everybody who took Rockster outside and had him prance around on the lawn ... also for those who take some of the other supposedly non-flying birds outside!

All birds can fly, unless proven differently (like Pepper!)!! Don't ever be fooled with their lack of feathers or their preference to walk places, they fly too!

A couple of months ago Rocky was sitting on my lap in front of the pc ... I moved too fast for him and he lost his balance, fell off and flew about 10 feet into my living room area. He just came to stay with us a little while before that, so he was getting acclimated to they house and cage etc, so I have not taken him out (yet!). This is when I asked Rich to please order me a harness for mister Rock!

Then again, last week, he was on the back of my sofa, in front of the window ... he was prancing around, bouncing as he so cutely can ... screaming at the top of his lungs! And he went onto the cat tree and bit a chunk out of it ... so I offered my arm and he swiped at me, not really biting, but just warning me that he does not want to come to me. I picked up a towel and as I walked towards him, he took off and flew across my living room, through the dining room and into the kitchen, missing the window and landed on the floor in front of his cage!! That is a good 45 to 50 feet!

So I got the harness a couple of weekends ago, and promptly put it on him to see what he would do. He was fine with it on, but he gets impatient when I take it off! I took him outside with it last weekend, but he was still intimidated with the surroundings and crouched low on my shoulder, saying over and over, "Its ok, Big Bird, you're ok! Rocky is a good burrrd! I just cuddled with him a little while Pep was saying, Come on, lets go!