Luna's Story

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Breed: Congo African Grey

Gender: Female

Hello, my name is Luna and I'm a Congo African Grey. I was born in Georgia and came to live at the Refuge after my parents divorced and I started getting less and less attention.

I am a beautifully feathered Grey and I just recently started coming out of my shell.

I've had the opportunity to spend some time in a foster home - read below to see what my foster mom had to say about me.

Update from Luna's Foster Home - May, 2011: While cuddling Luna close against my chest, and engaging in an extended head-scratching session, I looked up her story on the refuge website. According to that old write-up, she is beautiful, shy, and takes time to warm up to people.

The one part I am certain is up-to-date part is her photo—she is gorgeous.

I have fostered Luna for two weeks now. From the first day, she sought interaction with clucks and other noises. By the second day, she was popping right out onto the cage door as soon as it was opened.

She reliably steps up for me. She solicits head scratches by fluffing her neck feathers, bending her head down, and scratching herself with her foot. She makes it pretty clear what she expects! She convinced my husband to pick her up when she dropped the fish cracker he offered and put out her foot. He was charmed. She is more reserved with my sons but they are working on winning her over.

So far, most of her vocalizing is clucks, clicks, clacks, and a few shrieks. She composes whistle songs. She is alert to new sights and sounds, but not panicky. She likes nuts, eggs, snap peas, and crackers.

To sum up, Luna has adapted quickly—much more quickly than expected—to our house. She strongly desires human company. For a bird, she is relatively quiet, though certainly capable of making noise. She is an engaging bird that will be a delightful companion once mutual trust develops—and it appears that that process will move along quickly.

And, did I mention that she is very, very beautiful.

Written by: Pat Anderson

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