Rich Weiner

Rich Weiner

Executive Director

Rich Weiner started his love for birds when he purchased "Prince", his male CAG. Soon after that came "Ninja" his female U2. That was over 18 years ago. He soon became known as the man who will take in your unwanted bird. After realizing what a need there is for companion bird rescue, he started a Refuge for Saving the Wildlife, Inc.

In addition to running the Refuge, Rich is a police/fire lieutenant. Rich is also certified as an Avian Specialist by the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC). Rich is also a certified wildlife rehabilitator and educator for raptors (hawks, eagles, owls, & falcons) and the Refuge is home to one resident red-tailed hawk, Pierce.

Karen Weiner

Karen Weiner

Adoptions Director and Volunteer Director

Karen first came to the Refuge when she was looking to adopt a bird. She was concerned initially about getting a bird from a rescue because of the potential for diseases. She grilled the Refuge staff as much as she was grilled. She eventually adopted Sambird, a female medium sulfur crested cockatoo. Karen then interviewed the Refuge for a group known as For The Birds, a group dedicated to raise funds for rescues. After that time, Karen began volunteering at the Refuge until she was promoted to her current position.

Karen is owned by Sammie, her M2 and Jessie, a Lovebird. She has added Sambird (MSC2), Scout (Lovebird), Trooper (GC2), Poppie (GC2), and Sunshine (GC2). Karen is also a licensed foster home for the Refuge and currently fosters Jackie, a special needs Half-Moon Conure. She works endlessly in her role and provides all the volunteers with continual training. More recently, Karen has taken over the role of Adoptions Director and continues to work towards finding forever homes for our feathered charges, a role she takes seriously. Karen has continued her studies towards her Veterinary Technician training and works as a vet tech at an animal hospital in her spare time.

If you are interested in volunteering or adopting, you can e-mail the Refuge to get an application and set up an interview.

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