I vary this recipe every time that I make it. Sometimes I don't add all the ingredients. Sometimes I add more. It just depends on what I have available when I am cooking. I start out with a basic corn muffin recipe. You could also use a corn bread recipe - doesn't matter. I use juice for the liquid.

I usually bake them in Mini Muffin pans. After baking and cooling I wrap each muffin in plastic wrap and then pop them all into a larger freezer bag and freeze. They thaw out in the microwave in about 20 seconds and are ready to eat.

Corn Muffins

Basic Corn Muffin Recipe or Mix

Add the one or more of the following:

Beans (pinto or black)

Chopped jalapeno pepper

Chopped green and or red bell pepper

Frozen, fresh or canned kernal corn

I add an extra egg and also grind the shell into the mixture. Be sure to wash the shell well before grinding.

Bake according to the general muffin directions.

Cool, wrap and freeze.