We are very happy to announce Benny was adopted! Benny is a beautiful male cockatiel with a white and yellow head and neck. He has recovered well from being found outdoors. He is very soft and we think he was young when he arrived at the Refuge. He has a ...


Eddy, one of the 4 beautiful male cockatiels and 1 female who came with a largre group of cockatiels.


We are very happy to report that Fonzie got adopted. Please join us in wishing him and his new family well. We hope to post some updates as time goes by! Fonzie is a male cockatiel who has recovered completely from being lost outside and being injured ...


Honey found her new buddy in May of 2009. Here is a picture of the two of them.


Lady arrived at the Refuge with a large group of cockatiels. This lovely lady found her forever home.

Lady 1 (aka Alice)

Lady 1 has found her forever home! She was renamed Alice, after Alex, the African grey (since Lady didn't know her name, Karen told her new family it was okay to rename her). Alice went to live with the family who adopted Buddy, a Sun Conure several ye ...


I was found too. When I came to the refuge I was timid and a little scared. I loved to whistle with the volunteers and am a happy little bird. I love to sit on top of my cage, but am still scared to be touched. I do go back inside when asked. Update fr ...


Congrats to Sheldon, who was adopted in March 2013! Sheldon joins new mom, Allison, as well as Gracie (Luntino Ringneck parakeet) and Teddy (Goffin's cockatoo), both of whom were adopted from the Refuge. Allison also has an African Grey. We wish Sheldo ...


Skynard found his forever home with his buddy Noah! Congrats to both!


I thought I'd send you an update on Star. First of all, we've renamed her - she loves to pose for the camera and preen and she definitely knows what she wants and doesn't want, so we've named her Diva. The name fits, and she responds to it. She's a hap ...


We are very happy to say that Sterling has found his forever home! Here is an update from Sterling's family – Mary 29, 2008: Jay and I hope all is well at the Refuge. Sterling who has earned the nickname Bandit here at our house is doing extremely well ...

Sterling 2

Congrats to Sterling who found his new home! We wish him and his new family many years of happiness!


We are very excited to say that Thomas got adopted!