Congrats to Booth, who was adopted in May, 2013! We wish Booth many years of happiness with his new family!


Buddy is a bright, bubbly, female who can be prone to bouts of hormones and may lay an egg or two every so often. She is sweet and loves to ride on your shoulder for hours on end. Buddy is a papaya junkie; don’t ever take it away from her! When she bon ...


Cedric was adopted on November 2nd. We are very happy for him and hope to get an update soon from his new Mom. Cedric is a tiny, gregarious, and engaging bird. He loves nothing better than to be on your shoulder and ride around watching the world—so mu ...




We are very happy to announce that Geebee was adopted into his forever home. We wish him all the best! We hope to povide updates soon. Geebee is a blue-crowned clown. He says, “Good Morning,” “Good Boy” (his name is from“GB”) and a handful of other phr ...


“Inca-binka-boo” will gladly hang out on a proffered shoulder. She loves to take a bath in the sink, and wood toys are her favorite. She makes a great guard-bird in that she will scream if an intruder appears.


Jackie had went home to live with her forever family, but she passed away shortly after being adopted. Jackie's health had been declining over the years, but we know that Jackie was happy in her new home, even though it was only for a short time. Jacki ...


Congratulations to Olive, who has found her forever home! We wish Olive and her new family many years of happiness!


Congrats to Precious, who found her new home! Precious joins Professor (Timneh African Grey) in his new home.


Hi, my name is Romeo and I am a male Waggler's Conure. I am a very big conure and at first glance I kind of look like an Amazon! Just like my name implies, I am a lover! I love to be cuddled and snuggled, but only on my terms. I am a good eater, but a ...


Congrats to Ruby, who has found her new home! Ruby joins one of our boarders, Yoshi, a Green-Cheeked conure. We wish Ruby and her new family many years of happiness!


Congrats to Tulip who has been adopted! Tulip joins a Green-cheek conure and his mom and dad later adopted Solomon, a male Eclectus also!